• Firstly, the traditional High Bays used in any commercial premises are of 400W & 250W metal halide, which are relatively inefficient, hard to control as they have multiple failure points and release mercury with a lifespan around only 20,000 hours. Whereas our new, LED HIGH BAYs are the best choice for business, where the ceiling height is from 20 to 40 feet and they are easy to install, safe to use and much brighter and our company is providing it for a low price.

    LED HIGH BAYs, the life span for these lights are about 50,000 Which are almost twice than the traditional lights. These LED lights are with enhanced brightness and perfect for operation under cold weather and low temperatures with their low voltage. We use the most appropriate brands, models, wattage of LED lighting to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

    They do not release any toxic materials and much safer for our environment. These lights are available with:

    • Low wattage of: 100W & 120W
    • Premium Nichia LED Chips
    • Meanwell Driver
    • 5 Years Warranty
    • Heritage in performance and reliability
    • Long life> 50,000 hours
    • Bright & Ultra efficient (130lm/W)
    • Versatile: can be used across a range of environments
    • Shatter proof diffuser

    This makes a great advantage for any commercial businesses operating in factories, retails, manufacturing units, wholesaling units, warehouses, printing presses, refineries and other commercial premises. By just using these LED Lights customers can save up to 75% of their energy bills [used up for running existing High Bay lightings.]

    What are the benefits of choosing LED lighting in your workplace or home? LED lights provide an astonishing brightness, brilliance, and colour quality reproduction. Unlike traditional lighting products, LED lighting does not contain harmful toxins such as lead or mercury which can be seen as a potentially hazardous substance that poses a threat of environmental damage. They are highly durable, rugged and feature no filament or moving parts that can break, shatter or leak due to shock or vibrations.