• Our new LED stoplights are innovative and carefully designed with a great advantage of enhanced energy efficiency and low maintenance cost. They are available in different shapes and wattages such as:

    Rectangular LED shop light (26W): This shop light is easy to use and includes an additional wide covering plate, it is suitable for any commercial business situation.

    Round shop Light-Pivot(29W): This light is modern and highly flexible and energy efficient LED lights. The gimbal system permits the light to rotate through a variety of edges making it perfect for guiding working light to where it is required.

    Round shop Light-Fixed(29W): his shop light element an outside cover plate with focal point making it appropriate for an extensive variety of indoor applications.


    6W Enviro SMD MR16 Downlights:  The 6W Enviro MR16 LED is used to replace existing 12V halogen MR16 globes without needing to change the transformer. Its traditional shape allows it to fit with any halogen gimbal and is very compatible.

    Zodiac MR16 Lamp and Driver Downlight: EP's new LED Zodiac MR16 is a dimmable light and-driver unit intended to replace existing halogen lights and transformers. Since the Zodiac is the same size as a Halogen MR16 incandescent light, it fits directly into the current gimbal so you don't need to change the look of your fittings.

    Zodiac GU10 Downlight: Emerald Planet Zodiac GU10 LED, is easy to replace with existing halogen GU10 (240V) lights. Accessible in both dimmable and non-dimmable models, our GU10 LED is a profoundly proficient 6W and utilizations 80% less vitality than traditional halogen globes.